(Sep. 2020)

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Loewe is well-known for its strive for perfection. the aspiration for the best possible visual and sound quality made the brand stand out.  the combination of cutting edge technology and intelligent algorithms allow Loewe TV Models to impress a viewer not only with a beautiful picture but also with profound and elegant design concepts.

(what we do)

research & development
motion design
sound & sfx

we were making the research of the shape
and atmosphere until we got the idea of a house at the seaside of a sunny island. we emphasized
the concept adding the vegetation in every frame
and places the products on the wooden tables among green palms and tubs.

faded in the sun grass perfectly rhymed with the products and Natural sunlight, along with the texture
of wood and foliage, complimented the idea of the unity of nature and technology.

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paul shtyler
alexandr tumasov
pavel gaisin
danil levchenko
alexsey kalinin
pavel morozov
dmitry gusev
andrey korepanov

(lead concept artist)
(motion design, concept artist)
(motion design, concept artist)
(lead rnd houdini artist)
(rnd houdini artist)
(device modeling)
(sound & sfx)

thanks to the freedom in the choice of techniques and aesthetics, the team had an opportunity
to demonstrate all its skills and creativity. we were incredibly happy to work on this project, and we are looking forward to the next challenge. thanks to everyone who was a part of this unbelivable project. you are amazing!

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Villa La Casscada

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